Aero 300

The Aero 300 is the first choice among designers and installers, It's iconic design is now featured on many aircraft.

The centres come as ‘Standard’ or locking, the price differential is small so we recommend the lockable version.

The Aero 300 is available with many special flanges:-


To build into a composite skin.

The flange is machined down on a taper so it is always below the curved wing surface.

We suggest drilling lots of large holes in the flange so it bonds into the composite structure, and avoids adhesive de-lamination around the filler hole.

F30 GS

For the Glastar but now widely used to thread into a tank and screw down ˜flush˜ to the skin. Ideal for wooden aeroplanes avoiding recesses and doors, eg for the Falco.

The 2 5/16′ thread conveniently fits a 2.25’ hose, and the flange can be retained to a skin by our special back nut, still leaving room for a hose.


A low profile threaded flange is designed for Cirrus so as to enable the cap to be fitted after the wing is painted, avoiding damage, dirt, masking, filling and other nuisances.

Cirrus use our threaded bush NC034 which also accepts the Glastar flange above which we suggest is better riveted than welded- welding always distorts threads …

The same part can be glued in place – just a wipe of “pro-seal” – place in position, and the job is done.


A 6 hole bolt-on flange with hose neck


Called the luxury cap this is offered if a metal version is preferred to our lightweight version which now comes as standard with vans kits.


Please contact us if you are interested in the Z3. This is used in specific circumstances.


This cap/flange is offered as a retrofit assembly that will go into the older vans/usher cap/ flange