Our simple valves V1 and V3 are designed to minimise stockholding costs
having a large non standard thread and a variety of adaptors sold at low cost.

Normal AN fittings will not fit directly to these valves.

Adaptors, see the pictures;
Male -6
Male -8
Female 1/4 npt
Female 3/8" npt
Female 14mm used for commercial automotive banjo's
and Female 1/4"nps supplied in our -6 banjo assembly.

Valve V6 is tapped 10mm for standard Rotax banjo's on the input and 1/4" nps output.

Duplex valves

Valves V9 and V10 are threaded 1/4"nps which will accept 1/4"npt fittings and our -6 banjo assembly.