AERO 600

Aero 600

Aero 600 We have created a super light version of the Aero 500, with a smaller footprint but retailing the same 3 inch (77.0mm) filling hole allowing the cap to be used for all fuels.

Aero 500

Aero 500 The Aero 500 can be specified with lock (L) or without a lock (S) and includes two standard fixing arrangements: A512S/L - Flange - Connects direct to tank A50S/LG - Glass in flange - Moulded directly into tank vehicle skin
AER0 400

Aero 400

Aero 400 The Aero 400 can be specified with lock (L) or without a lock (S) A48S/L - Aluminium flange - Connect direct to tank A4LT - Plastic centre - To be used with Aero 400 flanges

Aero 300

Aero 300 The Aero 300 is the first choice among designers and installers, It's iconic design is now featured on many aircraft. The centres come as ‘Standard’ or locking, the price differential is small so we recommend the lockable version. The Aero 300 is available with many special flanges:- F30G To build into a composite skin. The flange is machined down on a taper so it is always below the curved wing surface. We suggest drilling lots of large holes in the flange so it bonds into the composite structure, and avoids adhesive de-lamination around the filler hole. F30 GS For the...
AERO 200

Aero 200

Aero 200 The Aero 200 series is the smallest and lightest of our Filler Caps. Available only in non-locking and with either a 6 hole bolt on flange  (A26S) and a Glass-in flange (A20G)
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Installation Please download the installation instructions you need from the list below. The Installation Instructions are PDFs. V1 ValveV1 Installation InstructionsV2 ValveV2 Installation Instructions V6 ValveV6 Installation InstructionsV9 ValveV9 Selector Plate Installation InstructionsV9 Tinnerman Installation Instructions
V1 Valve


Valves These fuel valves have some great features that make them better than the rest. Ceramic disks have no soft moving/rubbing seals to wear out, unlike other valves but also give an 'indefinite' life with a very smooth light action. The lift and turn selector is instinctive, secure, and easier to use than the complex 'lift button' type. The locking detents avoid accidental movements. The fixings match most installations, and the internal ports prevent cross feeds, unless 'selected to 'Both'. Male AN fittings enable you to plumb straight into the aeroplane system with no extra fittings to buy. The lightweight...


Selectors We are standardising on the ‘pointer’ style selector lever and moving on from the visible selector gates to the cleaner design on the left. Both are available. The decal could be changed to personalise the valve. We can use either pointer style for the conforming, FAR 23 assemblies. Eg V3-3-P -C or, with the decal V3-3-D ( + -C if conforming) V1 was the first valve we designed and I put the ‘Off’ at 12 O’clock. We have now brought V1 in line with the others as V1C- XXXX which is a little smaller and lighter than the original....



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