We are standardising on the ‘pointer’ style selector lever and moving on from the visible selector gates to the cleaner design on the left. Both are available. The decal could be changed to personalise the valve.

We can use either pointer style for the conforming, FAR 23 assemblies. Eg V3-3-P -C or, with the decal V3-3-D ( + -C if conforming)

V1 was the first valve we designed and I put the ‘Off’ at 12 O’clock.

We have now brought V1 in line with the others as V1C- XXXX which is a little smaller and lighter than the original. See V1 and also the new installation data.  V1 will be available as V7 with parallel input ports to make a slimline installation possible.

Current development

About half our customer ask for the ‘snap’ selector and the others for the FAR 23 conforming style, ‘Lift to turn for OFF’.

Both are available in the new dome labelled selectors available on all our valves .