These fuel valves have some great features that make them better than the rest. Ceramic disks have no soft moving/rubbing seals to wear out, unlike other valves but also give an 'indefinite' life with a very smooth light action.

The lift and turn selector is instinctive, secure, and easier to use than the complex 'lift button' type. The locking detents avoid accidental movements. The fixings match most installations, and the internal ports prevent cross feeds, unless 'selected to 'Both'.

Male AN fittings enable you to plumb straight into the aeroplane system with no extra fittings to buy.

The lightweight alloy construction is anodized for protection; the Viton 0 ring seals are suitable for all current fuels.

Fittings must be purchased separately.

V1 Valve
V1 Valve


V2 Valve


V3 Valve


V6 Valve